As the name implies, Savvy Audiology products are designed with a lot of thought, to bring about a shift in the current mindset of hearing healthcare.

Hearing devices are only one tool for improving the communication abilities of our client. Person centred care is continually evolving and to be savvy – that is, well informed, perceptive and able to make good judgements – we believe in education and empowerment.

For our client, understanding the hearing loss, the consequences of the disability, the hearing device recommendation, the technology and who should be in the support network are important aspects of hearing healthcare which are often overlooked.  Our client should be at the core of what we do as audiologists.

With Savvy knowhow, both client and support chain will move a step forward in creating person and family centred care a reality.

Our eight-limbed octopus logo represents the eight fundamental principles of Savvy Audiology, our architectural structure to support person and family centred care.

Savvy Octopus

Education. Empowerment.  Awareness.  Independence.  Engagement.  Collaboration.  Respect.  Inclusivity. 


Person-centred care is the way forward and central to all we at Savvy Audiology are trying to achieve.  For further information about this approach, The Ida Institute is a wonderful resource for savvy audiologists everywhere.


Hearing Health Profile

A specialised tool designed to identify medical, cultural, linguistic, pharmaceutical and environmental factors directly related to the patient. Its use is intended for nursing homes, hearing health clinics as well as medical and allied health practices and schools. To create a meaningful, safe and respectful environment for meeting, testing and consulting, demands client and often family involvement. Collaboration is an essential element of hearing healthcare.

Paediatric Hearing Health Profile

Working with young children, especially those who live remotely with limited access to healthcare services and support, can be challenging for the healthcare professional. With this in mind, Savvy Audiology has designed its Paediatric Hearing Health Profile. In addition to the affective variables considered in our Hearing Health Profile, we include historical ear health data collection and teacher concerns. Consultation with audiologists working directly with this population in remote parts of Australia has highlighted that specific data would be particularly useful prior to seeing children for the initial appointment. As such, we have incorporated demographics and developmental milestones into the design. The profile offers simple support information for the child in the educational environment as well as promoting our exciting resource for all schools across the nation, the Savvy Station.