Savvy Audiology is pleased to present its educational tools for audiology training and workshop facilitation – the Savvy Suite. These tools guarantee engaging and stimulating learning experiences for audiologists, audiometrists and healthcare workers as well as those who meet and support our clients, including administrative staff and business managers within the hearing healthcare industry. Savvy Audiology is committed to the creative design of educational tools, and guarantees all products are designed by qualified and experienced audiologists.

The industry constantly promotes the hearing device as the solution and this message is delivered mostly by non-clinically trained individuals in marketing and management departments and also by device manufacturers. The Savvy Suite incorporates person centred care by presenting cases where individual variables must be recognised and respected and the rigid boundaries placed on appointment times, business expectations and device sales as the optimal solution, must be reassessed and re-evaluated. All Savvy Audiology products have person centred care at the core.

Like the coloured pencil array, people come in all sizes, shapes and colours but additionally carry experiences, languages, cultures, expectations, fears, pressures, health concerns, disabilities and many other relevant life concerns.